Horsemanship Clinic Schedule

May change slightly due to number and level of participants.  If there is a topic not covered here that you would like to work on then please email us at


9:00   Meet and Greet.  Light breakfast will be available.

9:30- 10:30  Group One: Stable Management.  Day to day, grooming techniques, barn safety. 

                      Group Two: First Aid, ICE, TPR. Cooling out horses in different climates.   

10:45- 1:00  Group One. Clipping.  Why, when and how.  Get ready to get hairy!! 

                      Group Two:  Braiding.  Different techniques and how to braid that tricky mane.

1:00 – 1:45 lunch.

1:45- 2:45  Group One:  First Aid.

                  Group Two: Stable Management

3:00 – 5:15  Group One:  Braiding

                      Group Two:  Clipping.

End of day there will be an open Q and A with Cat and Emma as 

well as a chance to get your book signed and enter the draw for 

sponsor prizes which will be drawn at the end of the Sunday 


9:00  Meet and Greet for new comers.  Light Breakfast 

9:30- 11:00  Group One:  Leg Care,  wrapping, treating, icing, dos and don’ts of bandaging.

                      Group Two: Studs, boots and more, which, when, how and why!

11:15- 12:45 Group One: Studs

                    Group Two: Leg Care

12:45- 1:30 Lunch

1:30- 3:00  Group One: Mane and Tails.  Pulling techniques, other methods of trimming manes.  Putting in fake tails, Braiding Tails.

                     Group Two:  Show Turn Out.  Prepping that coat to shine, finishing touches, quarter marks. Correct tack for the occasion.

3:15- 4/4:30  Group One: Show turn-out

                       Group Two:  Mane and Tail Prep. 

5:00  Q and A with Cat and Emma.  Get your book signed.  

Raffling off of of sponsor gifts.