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Over our many shared years of experience in all levels of the horse industry, we have come to one conclusion: it doesn’t matter what manufacturer the saddle has stamped on it, or the name on the tag of a riders breeches, we are all in this sport for one thing; the horse. That holds true from the child learning to braid their ponies mane to the professional winning the big bucks, but nowhere does it hold more true than for the professional groom. We are all a little horse-crazy, and are as content to see our charges go out and jump or dance their way to a win as to tote around a toddler, as long as it makes them happy. It is our sincerest hope that this book helps to elevate the level of care that all horses get to experience, and that through that sweat and time, that the relationship between each horse and their caretaker get a little stronger. From cleaning a stall just right so that he has a clean place to sleep, to putting his mane perfectly in place to show off how handsome he is, we hope you walk away from this book with a desire to make your horses world just a little better.

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